Puerto Rican Community: National Identity, Gender Roles, and Religion

Puerto Rican Community: National Identity, Gender Roles, and Religion

Today more Puerto Ricans go on the U.S. Mainland than in Puerto Rico, together with island’s population is continuing to shrink because the unemployment that is high delivers residents—mostly educated professionals—stateside in search of work. Between April 2010 and July 2011, the populace dropped 19,100 to 3.7 million. About 45 per cent associated with island’s residents reside underneath the poverty degree and also at minimum 10 municipalities (mainly those within the Cordillera Central) have actually poverty prices more than 60 percent. The economy can also be blamed for the slide when you look at the delivery price down from 60,000 in 2000 to 42,000 in 2012.

National Identity

There is certainly a saying in the area that Puerto Ricans are just like porpoises: they could hardly keep their minds above water, but they’re always smiling. It’s a description that is apt. In 2005, Puerto Ricans were proclaimed the happiest individuals in the world, based on a very reported research by the Stockholm-based company World Values Survey. Despite high poverty and unemployment prices, it appears nothing can place a damper regarding the lively, fun-loving Puerto Rican nature. Most Puerto Ricans like to often celebrate big and. A year on the island, and everything is a family affair involving multiple generations of relatives in fact, there are reportedly more than 500 festivals. Music is generally in the centre of all gatherings, and Puerto Ricans are passionate about their views and love few things more than to debate politics or activities all day.

The tradition of Puerto Rican life is considerably shaped by its history. It absolutely was initially inhabited by a society of peaceful, agriculturally based indigenous individuals who migrated to your area from south usa. (more…)

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